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The Hall Family has been involved with horses their whole lives and part of the horse industry since 1983.   The family purchased 100 acres half an hour North of Syracuse and fell in love with Saddlebreds for their uniqueness and style.  Our parents, Lawrence and Aggie, purchased the farm and then our father died shortly after.  We all have a deep-rooted love of horses and our father and mother dreamed of seeing babies in the fields of the farm one day.  We strive everyday with passion and devotion to honor that wish and dream for our parents and to make Hallston Manor the best that it can be.

Upon regrouping after the death of our father, Aggie, Mary, and Karen set a goal of improving the quality of Saddlebreds in the Northeast and decided to purchase a stallion.  We traveled all over Kentucky looking for the perfect stallion.  Once we laid eyes upon Supreme Heir at Redd Crabtree’s farm, we immediately knew we had found who we were looking for.  We purchased Supreme Heir and four foundation mares to start the process we all dreamed of.   Eventually, we placed Supreme Heir at Willowbank Farm where he would live the rest of his life under the direction of Joan Lurie, who loved him as dearly as our family did.  To ensure his success, we felt it was necessary to have him in the heart of Saddlebred Country and it was certainly a wise decision.  Hallston Manor has had a successful collaboration with Willowbank for over 20 years now.  Some of the notable broodmares and foals from our breeding collaboration are: WC Nutorius, WC Line of Thunder, WC Front Row Frankie, WC Heir Kitty Kitty, WC Heirbrushed, Heir Spray, Spicy Champagne and Miss Photogenic.  Many World Champions have been bred by and born at Hallston Manor.  Some of the WCs that once called Hallston Manor home are:  WC The Edge, WC His Supreme Reflection, WC Moving Time, RWC The Proof Is In The Heir, RWC Roi Du Soliel, RWC Catch The Moon, RWC Heirogant and many more. 

Hallston Manor is family run and we are all devoted to the success of the business.  The family consists of: Pauline (Aggie) Hall, Mary Hall-Fisk, Greg Fisk, Delaney Fisk (Mary and Greg’s daughter), Karen Hall and Lillianna Hall (Karen’s daughter).  The overall operation encompasses breeding, training, and showing Saddlebreds. Each member plays a crucial role and we all work together as a team to bring it all together.  Libby McLemore is our trainer; Greg Fisk is the Breeding Manager; and Mary Hall-Fisk and Karen Hall share the business responsibilities and are involved with the horses as much as possible.  Our matriarch, Aggie, is above all of us and shares in all of the decision-making processes that we go through.  She is our biggest cheerleader at home and at the horse shows!  Delaney is currently riding and began showing this past season.  Lillianna is too young to ride yet, but we are holding on to hope that she is a future equestrian.  We all share a deep love and appreciation of the American Saddlebred and view it as our mission to ensure the breed is maintained and improved.

Since 1987, Mary Hall-Fisk has at one time or another served as Treasurer, Futurity Secretary, Horse Show Chairman, and Chairman of The Board of the American Saddlebred Horse Association of New York, Inc.  She brought the American Saddlebred Horse Limited Breeders’ Stake Stallion Auction to New York, and works extensively on the Syracuse International Horse Show.  She is very committed to improving the Saddlebred community in New York and across the country.  Mary is a very capable driver who even shows some of the young horses to get them experience in the show ring. 

Karen exhibited Saddlebreds all through high school and college and has recently began to ride again.  She has a BS in Biology from Syracuse University, and a Masters in Holistic Counseling from Salve Regina University.  She also completed two years of study at Epona Equestrian Services in Sonoita, AZ learning how to give self-development workshops using horses. This work incorporates her Masters in Holistic Counseling in working with the horses and brings a completely different dimension to the business.  Karen wants to share the work she has learned at Epona with as many people in the horse world as she can.  Karen is currently on the Board of Directors of the American Saddlebred Horse Association of New York, Inc., and also works on the Syracuse International Horse Show. 

Meticulously researching bloodlines is a large part of who Hallston Manor is and this duty belongs to the Breeding Manager, Greg Fisk.  He devotes a large part of his time and energy to figuring out what mares will cross well with what stallions-some may even say he obsesses about it!  He is concerned with attempting to try to save old bloodlines in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the breed.  The results of his labor are the beautiful foals that are put on the ground each spring.  Greg personally handles the birth of every foal on the farm and gets little or no sleep for months during foaling season.  It is imperative he is there for every birth though because getting these amazing horses a right start in life is extremely important to all of us. 

Libby McLemore joined the Hallston Manor team in February of 2006.  Before that, we had a horse in training with her in Kentucky and we loved what she had done with him.  We were thrilled when she agreed to become our trainer and we have been thrilled with her since the day she started.  Since she came to the farm she has worked with over 50 colts to give them a solid foundation for getting to the show ring or to where they need to be to live happy, productive lives.  Libby grew up showing Morgans for her family’s Apple Flat Farm in Charlotte, NC.  She held 10 World Championship and 5 Reserve World Championship titles in the Morgan world by the time she was 22.  She holds three Reserve World Championship titles in the Saddlebred world.  The McLemore Family employed several different trainers and Libby was an integral part of her family’s business.  She was hands on with the marketing of the horses and running the operation, as well as showing and learning everything she could from the trainers they had on their farm.  Libby has worked in the Saddlebred industry for over 10 years now.  She made it a point to work for a variety of different trainers whom she respected and trusted to gain vast knowledge and to develop her own unique style of working with horses.  Some of the trainers Libby has worked with include: Melissa Moore, Carter Cox, Barry Stumbo, Dave Becker, Cash Lovell, and Edward “Hoppy” Bennett.  Libby is very kind, consistent and structured with the horses, who in return love her and truly want to perform to the best of their ability for her.  Libby agrees with the importance of giving the babies a great start in life, and does everything in her power to ensure that happens.  The family feels as though we have finally found a trainer who fits perfectly with our goals, aspirations and true love and devotion to the American Saddlebred.


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