Supreme Heir

Horses Sold - Congratulations to the following:

Windgun Windgun
Windgun - SOLD
(Thundergun x Longshadow Wind Chimes)

The Kentucky Saddler
The Kentucky Saddler - SOLD
(Callaway's Blue Norther x Callaway’s Twice the Spice, by The Mean Machine)

Oh Spheir Me - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Callaway’s Fox Kit, by Foxfire’s Prophet)

Steel Resolve - SOLD
(General Steel x Floating On Heir)

Shine Like It Does - SOLD
(Con Heir x Callaway's Summer Showers)

Dirty Martini - SOLD
(Wish Me Will x Heiress By Chance)

Magnitude - SOLD
(Who Wants to be a Millionheir? x Callaway’s Blue Topaz, by Callaway’s Blue Norther)

Who Wants To Be A Millionheir? - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Callaway's Sweet Sherry, by CH Will Shriver)
Who Wants To Be A Millionheir

Are We Their Yet - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Longshadow Wind Chimes)
Are We There Yet    Are We There Yet    Are We There Yet

Pretty As A Peacock - SOLD
(Con Heir x FFP Peppermint Twist, by Finally Attached)

Hilheiry Duff - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Whirlwind’s Witchcraft)
Are We There Yet    Are We There Yet

Callaway's Springtime - SOLD
(CH Caramac x Callaway's Sunshine And Clover, by CH Will Shriver)

Heir Of Inspiration - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Foxcaliber, by Fox Creek)

Banner Yheir- SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Callaway's Blue Topaz)
Banner Yheir

Floating On Heir - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Naughty Dreams, by Real McCoy)

The Proof Is In The Heir - SOLD
(Supreme Heir x Callaway's Blue Topaz, by Callaway's Blue Norther)
Are We There Yet

The Proof Is In The Heir
Hallston Manor
Hallston Manor
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